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Results from our SciComm & COVID-19 
Research-Project are here!

For such a topic we decided to go an academically unusual road and provide an illustrated brochure instead of a PDF full of text.

To see the whole brochure (in German) click here

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Dr. Nina Lorenzoni, MA

Research, Training & Workshop Moderation 


Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology

Disaster Management & Disaster Risk Reduction

Crisis Communication

Organizational Learning and Development

Qualitative Research Methods 

Science Communication

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Interested in

Dr. in Management and Economics in Healthcare (2016-2022) UMIT TIROL

Dissertation: "Learn from the past, plan for the future - Strengthening disaster preparedness"

BA & MA in Management, Communication & IT (2009-2013) Management Center Innsbruck 

Master's Thesis: "Microlearning in Crisis Management"

Summerschool "Science Communication in the Post-Covid-19 Era" University of Geneva 

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Communication & Presentation, Scientific Writing, Science Communication, Marketing, Project Management,

Crisis Management, Qualitative Research Methods;

Living in Tyrol, the heart of the Alps, together with my family.

Enjoying mountain view, reading books, Sunday Pancake Breakfasts & making Pizza. 

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